Friday, September 7, 2007

Man you come right out of a comic book!!!

Hey Again. Y'know one of my favorite movies is Enter the Dragon. I decided to do an illustration "inspired" by Jim Kelly in his role as Williams. I really think they shouldn't have killed his character off in the movie. It should have been Bruce and Jim fighting the bad guys at the end of the picture. Ah well, wishfull dreaming.

Evening people!!!!
I know I should've put this up first but I wasn't thinkin' straight. (Ha!)
This my initial pencil sketch for the Beast illustration I did.
I like to work in blue pencil. I guess it's because of the consistency of the colored pencil moreso than an average pencil. I like to work really loose to keep the line "alive" so that when I ink it, the drawing still has some "movement" to it.